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Sites That Deserve Your Attention

This is the self-indulgent page on which the webmaster of this site points you towards all the sites that have helped in some way, directly or indirectly, to the creation of this site. Maybe some of them will be of interest to you.

Get Firefox Simply the best web browser. If Internet Explorer has ever got on your nerves, check this out. It is free and has so many optional extras that make life so much easier. Anyone aspiring to be a power user should not be without this. I'd never go back to Internet Explorer now.
Club 977 - The 80s Channel Got broadband? Listen to 80s music while you surf. The most popular internet radio channel on the net. Why download music when you can listen to it on the internet radio? Listen to it easily using Winamp.
Radio Paradise - Electic Radio Another popular radio channel. This one plays what can only be described as an interesting mix of music you would never ordinarily think of listening to. Worth a try for aural pleasure as you work.
Winamp Whips the Llama's Ass Simply the best media player out there, world's better than Windows Media Player. If you listen to any quantity of MP3s or internet radio, or internet video even, go check it out. It works, it doesn't hog your system, it looks pretty, and it is not owned by Microsoft. Ok, so they are owned by AOL these days, but you can't have everything....
Textpad - Text Editor for Windows If you do any programming involving hand-coding of PHP, HTML, XML, or pretty much any other language or schema, take a look at this text editor. Syntax highlighting, powerful keyboard commands, everything you need. If you are a touch-typist you will be seriously laughing when you switch to Textpad. The code behind this site has been totally written using this text editor.
Human Proteome Folding Project Your PC these days is so powerful that most of its processing power goes to waste. Here you can download a program that uses your spare processing power to conduct scientific research that may some day find cures for cancer or various other diseases. It costs you nothing, barely affects your PCs performance and helps do your bit for the world's community. The PC this site is built on runs 24 hours a day with this operating. If you use Firefox (see above) then please consider joining the Firefox team.
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Pets & Other Animals
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Walk dogs in the Newport area. Going away? Can check on your pet daily. I'm an animal lover. I own a large and boisterous German shepherd. Prices negotiable. Flexible hours.
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Holiday Accommodation Wanted
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Looking for inexpensive holiday accommodation for active pensioner in the Porthmadog area.
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Meet New Friends
Men Seeking Women
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Holiday Companion wanted: Active pensioner seeking holiday companion to holiday in the Porthmadog area. Preferably someone who enjoys strolling in the beautiful county of Gwynedd in North Wales.
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Jobs Wanted
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Band available for hire AntiqueToy-Up to 3hours sets, available for weddings/private functions, bars playing rockacousticfolk - upbeat, 3-way harmonies, melodic guitar, unique percussion. For more information please call-07590832530 Regards, Antique Toy
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Cars, Motorbikes & Accessories
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Wanted - Old, classic or vintage motorbikes or parts. British, European, others considered. Running or non running, broken, siezed, parts, basket cases, MOT failures, Anything considered. cash waiting. Private buyer. South / Mid / West Wales Thanks
South Wales
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